You are welcome to pick up items by appointment from our office in North West Sydney (NSW 2765)

For online orders where pick up is not possible, we will use Australia Post to pick up and deliver packages. Typically, for orders over $50 we will use Express Post with Tracking.

Australia Post has the largest service delivery network in Australia, and their service is usually very very good.

But... sometimes, things can go wrong and even tracking does not help. This is why we highly recommend customers select the optional Transit Insurance, because It gives everyone peace of mind.

If you decline Transit Insurance, no problem. but if something does go wrong, it is at your risk and responsibility., 

Of course, you probably think (like we do) that Australia Post should be held accountable for any loss or damage whilst your package is their care. 

You can try and argue with Australia Post, but the stress and the chance of a successful outcome  is not not good. 

Here is an example of the typical response from Australia Post "Lost In Transit case") where the customer declined Transit Insurance;