Manufacturers recommend using Distilled Water because it contains no impurities.

Do not use tap water.

Whilst usually safe to drink, tap water can contain chemicals and particles that will settle on the bottom of the water chamber. If not cleaned regularly, this sediment will be hard to remove and will cause premature aging of the metal heating plate. 

In terms of the best to worst water to use, please see below;

  • Distilled Water (Best and recommended by all manufacturers) - Can usually be purchase from Big W and Autobahn
  • Demineralised water (not as pure as distilled water, but slightly better than the other options below)
  • Filtered Water (safe to drink - but may still contain some minerals which can reduce the life of the water tank)
  • Bottled Water (safe to drink - but can contain minerals which can reduce the life of the water tank)
  • Tap water that has boiled and then left to cool down (not ideal, but convenient and better than plain tap water)
  • Tap Water (not recommended) 

We understand that tap water is cheap and convenient, but it is not recommended.


Wash your water tank, mask, hose and accessories at least once per week in warm soapy water.

If you are not using distilled water, clean the water tank daily with warm soapy water and expect that the water tank will not last as long before needing to be replaced.

If you have not been using distilled water, or have not cleaned the water tank weekly, you will probably experience a build up of sediment on the bottom of the water tank. In this case, you could try using a 10% solution of vinegar and water to try and dissolve the sediment.

Last updated: 7th November 2017