Why does my mask leak?

Mask leaks can occur for many reasons, including;

  • Headgear straps not tight enough
  • Headgear straps worn out
  • Forehead support needs adjusting
  • Mask too old (silicon ageing)
  • Incorrect size (usually too big)
  • Pillow pushing mask away from face
  • Facial hair interfering with seal
  • Mask style not compatible

What is a CPAP mask leak?

CPAP machines deliver a fixed amount of air pressure though a hose and CPAP mask. This positive pressure helps keep the upper airway open during sleep.

Masks need to maintain a seal all through the night to maintain the correct pressure prescribed by your sleep physician.

Depending on the type of mask, the seal will be;

  • Around the outside of the nose (Nasal Mask) in a triangle shape
  • Intra-Nasally inside each nostril - Intra-Nasal (Nasal Pillow Mask)
  • Around the outside of the nose and mouth (Full Face Mask)

There can be some trial and error involved in resolving mask leaks. Our trained staff can advise further.

Why is my mask uncomfortable?

Sometimes mask straps are over tightened to try and fix a mask leak or to compensate for a mask that is worn out, too large or poorly fitting. This can cause red strap marks and may even cause pain to sensitive areas on top or underneath the nose. Regardless of brand, mask discomfort is the number one reason why patients give up on their CPAP therapy.

We have spent months developing and fine tuning our own solution to these common problems, and we call them Comfort Covers.

Comfort Kit for BMC Micro Nasal Mask (fits all sizes)

We now have Comfort Cover kits for BMC Micro Nasal Masks and BMC Full Face Masks. These kits include a laminated micro-fibre and foam forehead support with polar fleece cover. The kit also includes two polar fleece strap covers and one mask cover.

We can’t guarantee this will solve every mask related problem, but for less than $50 including delivery, we think it is definitely worth trying.

What if I cannot resolve my mask leak?

Manufacturers continually strive to improve mask designs, but the latest custom fit innovation from Apnea-Seal is set to revolutionise the CPAP industry.

What is Apnea-Seal?

Apnea-Seal is a custom-made nasal and nasal pillow mask adaptor that works in conjunction with CPAP therapy.

Apnea-Seal is designed to perfectly fit the individual’s nose and cheeks.

Apnea-Seal Features and Benefits

Custom made:

  • Better fit
  • Reduced air leakage with less skin irritation and eye soreness


  • Greater comfort
  • Minimal size
  • Minimal strapping force required


  • Can be customised to any existing sleep apnea mask
  • Customised to suit all patients for greater compatibility


  • Less disruption to partners

Improves Health:

  • Enables you to happily continue with your CPAP therapy

All of these benefits will enable you to have a better and healthier night’s sleep and remain compliant with the CPAP therapy that has been recommended for you.

What is the Apnea-Seal process?

Step 1:

To be able to create Apnea-Seal, a facial capture process takes place. This is a 20 minute procedure that involves having a texture applied to the patients face, followed by a series of photographs using a purpose-designed photogrammetry studio to capture the surface of the nose from many different angles.

Step 2:

Once the facial capture data is received, Apnea-Seal engineers process the data through a series of state-of-the-art 3D modeling software applications, then manufacture an innovative, custom-made mask adaptor using medically safe materials.

Step 3:

The final process before taking possession of your Apnea-Seal is to attach the custom-made mask adaptor to your CPAP mask. The conclusion of this process is a Q&A session to explain the how to use and clean your new Apnea-Seal, and to answer any questions you may have.

To gain the greatest benefit from CPAP therapy it is recommended that it is used each and every night as recommended by your sleep specialist. It is so important that you persist with CPAP therapy as any amount of time used each night will have positive benefits to your ongoing health and wellbeing.

Where is Apnea-Seal available?

Currently, patients will need to visit Apnea-Seal in Baulkham Hills, Sydney NSW 2153, but will soon be expanding to other areas.

Apnea-Seal will be rolled out nationwide. To register your interest for Apnea-Seal in your area, please click here.

What styles of Mask can be used with Apnea-Seal?

Apnea-Seal is compatible with BMC and any other brand of Nasal and Nasal Pillow Masks.

Apnea-Seal is not currently available for any brand of Full Face Mask.

Help and Support with your Apnea-Seal

If at any time you have questions or need support regarding your Apnea-Seal, you can simply contact the Apnea-Seal Customer Care team who will be more than willing to help.

Phone: (02) 9633 7133

Email: info@apneaseal.com.au

Please use reference number: CS2765 

Apnea Seal - www.apneaseal.com.au

Apnea-Seal – Tailored Sleep Apnea Solutions, by Bespoke Medical Innovations.