Should I buy from my sleep clinic ?

It is your choice where you purchase your cpap equipment from, but...

The Sleep Health Foundation Code of Practice recommends that CPAP Suppliers;

  • "Avoid or minimize conflicts of interest that may limit patient choices and impact negatively on patient outcomes."
  • "Diagnostic services should be separated from the sale of treatments such that the patient is informed of and can consider options for treatment, including alternatives to CPAP, by providers independent of the diagnostic facility."

In other words, beware of a conflict of interest when the diagnostic service providers want to sell you a machine and beware they may noy offer you more affordably priced brands.

What are the benefits of doing a trial with a sleep clinic before I buy ?

Machine Trials: Different Machines can be trialled over the trial period (not so important as they all have similar features and all effectively treat obstructive sleep apnea). 

I understand that high profile manufacturers like Resmed, F&P and Phillips/Respironics give free loan machines to sleep clinics, who in turn hire them out to patients. This may be one reason why their prices are higher as the manufacturers need to factor in thousands of ‘free’ loan machines.

Important Note: Often the only brands offered by sleep clinics are Resmed, F&P and Phillips/Respironics. Sometimes they may not be allowed to sell other brands due to contractual reasons.

Mask Trials: Patients can often (not always) trial different masks. Mask fitting and comfort is important as this is one of the key reasons why some people give up on cpap therapy. Sometime patients are asked to buy the mask they use in the trial.

Customers should be able to ask for a mask fitting and trial service independently of any machine trials.

The masks they use will typically cost customers around $279~$299

Follow up visits: The main reasons for follow ups are to make sure the machine is effectively treating the condition and that patients are regularly using it and to provide a compliance print out that may be needed for your doctor, employer or transport authority.

I would consider one follow up within 1 month, another after 6 months then annually after that would be more than enough for most people.

Follow up visits typically cost around $55 as offered by the Western Sleep Clinics in Sydney.

Should I buy from you rather than rent from a sleep clinic?

Of course we would say yes, but it is entirely up to you.

Fundamentally, our mission is to help make sleep apnea healthcare more affordable.

Customers buy the machine because they need it, so renting is often a waste of money. Once diagnosed, cpap therapy is the ‘gold standard; for treatment.

We sell machines that represent excellent value for money. 

Customers have up to 30 days to get used to it with our full support along the way as they individually require.

The BMC machines have a display where you can review the sleep data on screen every morning to track patient progress.

With this simple review method and customer phone support for advice, there is often no need for follow up face to face visits.

As part of our packages you get unlimited phone (and email) support and you are welcome to visit us by appointment any time without cost.

Of course we provide a comprehensive range of  'face to face' services and customers are welcome to make an appointment to visit us. If you live in an area remote from us, telephone support may be more practical and realistic and is usually all that is needed.

Our Customer Feedback

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Within this 30 days, customers can return for any reason for a refund less $200.

Please see our policy here

This $200 can be considered as a trial if it does not work out. But if it does work out (like >98% of our customers) they have not paid any cost or fee for a trial.


There are three styles of mask.

BMC have every style and we offer a BMC mask with our popular packages.  

Due to hygiene reasons, we cannot exchange masks once the sealed package has been opened.

We have size and fitting guides on our website or you can visit us to be fitted.

If the mask chosen does not work out, within 30 days, you can purchase any other style or size of BMC mask for $100.

(Our mask prices are normally  $169~$199 or free as part of selected packages)

Software / Downloads

As part of our popular packages we provide the BMC Sleep Therapy Software and Data cable free of charge.

Customers can download their therapy data on a WindowsTM based computer to review and print or email as required.

Or they can give the software to their clinic or health care professional so they have the tools to provide this service.

You can also visit selected outlets who have already been provided with the same software/cable for a data download service.

How does your warranty service work?

As part of our popular BMC packages, we provide an upgrade from a 1 year to 2 year warranty on our BMC machines.

We QC test every machine as part of our process and they are extremely reliable.

In the unlikely event of a problem we provide customers with a loan in advance.

The faulty unit will be repaired or replaced by us within 2 business days of receipt at our discretion.

Last updated 12th March 2014