Transcend machine runs at high pressure and switches off

We have come across this a few times on Transcend Machines. The main reasons are;

  • The Hose Adaptor is not fitted to the body of the machine
  • The pressure sensor point at the bottom of the hose port is blocked
  • The machine is blowing air, but the hose is not connected
  • The machine is blowing air, but the mask is not connected or being used

The hose adaptor needs to be securely fitted between the machine and the CPAP hose for the machine to output the correct pressure.

Please ensure the following:

  1. The hose adaptor is applied to the front of the machine
  2. That the CPAP hose is then secured to the hose adaptor
  3. The CPAP hose is then attached to the mask which is fitted to the user

If you follow the above steps and the machine is still running at a high pressure you may need to clean the sensor hole in the hose adaptor and the corresponding point on the machine as described below.

  1. Remove the hose adaptor from the machine 
  2. Clean the areas indicated by the red arrows with a pin or paperclip 
  3. Reattach to the machine and test the pressure with the mask fitted to the user

Last Updated 09/05/2019