CPAP machines deliver a fixed amount of air pressure though a hose and CPAP mask. This positive pressure helps keep the upper airway open during sleep.

Masks need to maintain a seal all through the night to maintain the correct pressure prescribed by your sleep physician.

Depending on the type of mask, the seal will be;

  • Around the outside of the nose (Nasal Mask) in a triangle shape
  • Intra-Nasally inside each nostril - Intra-Nasal (Nasal Pillow Mask)
  • Around the outside of the nose and mouth (Full Face Mask)

There can be some trial and error involved in resolving mask leaks. Our trained staff can advise further.


Why does my mask leak?

Mask leaks can occur for many reasons, including;

  • Headgear straps not tight enough
  • Headgear straps worn out
  • Forehead support needs adjusting
  • Mask too old (silicon ageing)
  • Incorrect size (usually too big)
  • Pillow pushing mask away from face
  • Facial hair interfering with seal
  • Mask style not compatible